Gumby Navedo| Reflection for Memorial Day

gumby navedo

Take a moment of your time and meditate. Think and thank God for living in the best country in the world, with its mistakes and everything bad that there may be, we are still the number one, why we remain number one ?, we remain number 1 for the effort and courage of all those who have served this nation with pride and love, those men and women who have served this nation will thank them. To all those men and women who serve the Nation right now all over the world, thank you.Thanks for keeping control of the world. If  there were no US military forces around the world who knows how this world would be . Especially I want to mention Jorge Otero, the most decorated soldier of the Vietnam War and is proud of my hometown in Puerto Rico, Vega Baja–Sergeant 1st class ,I am honored to be His friend, also my nephew who died in combat in Afghanistan …..

Cpl. Christian Guzman and sacrificed his life at 21 years of age for all of us, these are the real heroes, who make the difference, thanks Christian We never forget you. I would also like to mention the 65th Infantry Regiment of Puerto Rico one of the battalions who sowed chair of bravery and courage in the Korean War, esos Jibaritos no tenian miedo ,and taught quality and qualities of the Puerto Rican soldier . In memory of all those Latino brothers who have given their lives for democracy, Cubans, Mexicans, Dominicans,Venezuelans, Colombians, Panamanians and others from other countries…..thanks, millions of thanks.I do not want to end without mentioning two of my children, Jesus Ismael and Carlos both served in the Navy with pride. GOD BLESS THIS NATION, AMEN

(Originalmente publicado el 25 de mayo de 2005)


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