Around 10 players on July 2nd in DR will receive millions

george f ortizBy: George F. Ortiz, Former MLB Scouting Supervisor, Pirates – Angels

I would like to congratulate MLB and its movement to lead the participation of prospects that are eligible for the 2016 draft in the MLB training and give an opportunity to these young players to be evaluated and to increase the interest of American supervisors in this territory of PR where we are International for some events and Americans for other events.

This situation in Puerto Rico is FINITICO. MLB is in one direction only because they do not have a similar project for the 18-20 year old prospects. And those from the other side? Nothing? The rest are now in limbo like a lottery ball, if you have the number, you win but if you do not have it, you stay in limbo until your number is called.

This project should’ve been made 20 years ago so the players can be well-developed and now they cannot enjoy these activities in the training field because they are benefited for a specific group of players before the draft. But what happened 15 years ago? When the program was given for those who were never selected in the draft even if they have only three skills for an opportunity and the scouts in PR and their supervisors did not have any other alternative.

I would like to congratulate the Commissioners’ Office in the MLB because they have former MLB players like Raul Casanova, Chimilos Miranda and others working with the prospects in developing from 14 to 17 year old players. What about the 18 to 20 year olds?, I am a voice from a deserted land claiming about this problem that I see no one really cares not even the former players either that now belong at the Players of MLB Assoc. I will not give up, because I am the voice of these players who are deserted, exiled, segregated, misery, in extreme poverty, condemned to be succumb and die worse than animals because of the bade decision MLB in making. The example is on the singing of 16 year old players on July 2nd and take away the opportunity for the 18 to 20 year olds, reducing the participation in the Dominican Republic Summer League(Rookie). Also an inequality for PR as well as in Dominican Republic because now they are in the same situation as the Puerto Ricans.

All the scouts in DR are concentrating in the 15 to 16 year old players for July 2nd on 2016 and 2017. Puerto Rico is in the same situation but with players from 14 to 17 year old for the June draft and for the baseball players in their 4th year of high school. In DR around 9 to 10 players of 16 years will receive millionaire bonuses, the other 12 players about half a million of dollars in bonuses, but they do not need high school, is like a Monopoly game with enormous amount of money.

Now the competition is becoming much more difficult with the arrival of our Cuban brothers that have all the rights to be part of just like any other international country. Welcome my Cuban brothers in this MLB world. About the lack of opportunities for the 18 to 20 year old players is affecting them physically, psychologically, and morally because no one has time to listen to distant voices from the desert, but I will continue spreading the word about the unfairness of taking away these players from PR their opportunity to be signed professionally.

What are words is that they make it as if it is the only way of life, of pleasure and personal satisfaction without looking on the damage they are being doing for the last 27 years in the Draft in PR. The ML Players Association has to take an example of the decrease of players from PR since the arrival of the Draft in 1989. We are going to evaluate the before and after. Now is little the opportunity for the players of 17 to 20 years old in Dominican Republic with the signing of 16 year olds. The Baseball world has made a complete turn in the bonus.

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